A Brief History Of The Armadacon Fan Film

Back in 2009 Alan was asked to be a guest at Armadacon. It was so much fun that we have been back every year since then, whether the Committee liked it or not! So, to help pay back for some of the fun we have had over the years we decided to make a fan film based on the Convention. This may not have been a wise thing to do, but once the genie is out of the bottle it isn’t so easy to stuff it back in again. We had hoped to get it all finished for Armadacon’s 25th Anniversary, but life got in the way. We then thought about getting it done for the 30th Anniversary, but Alan’s long term illness mean’t we missed that deadline too. However, we have come up with a plan, we will work on the film full time and get it done for Armadacon 2019. It is a good plan and we think we will be able to achieve this too.  

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Fan Film Time Line

2012: Come up with film idea, story competition at Armadacon

2013: Produce poster, film cockpit sequence (Ventnor, Isle of Wight) 

2014: Film at Armadacon (public areas + green screen in hotel room)

2015: Film at Smile Centre (Liskeard), stills and video at Mount                     Edgecombe, film at Armdacon (public areas + green screen)

2016: CG work (Isle of Wight)

2017: CG work (Isle of Wight)

2018: Presentation at Armdacon

This is a very brief time line of the film, but it gives an indication of the amount of work that has been done so far.