Funding the Fan Film

This is where you come in. Yes we know the poster on the right says (in very small type) “25th Anniversary Fan Film”, but due to unforeseen events we missed that target. So, Armadacon 2019 is our new target. To help achieve this we are asking for donations to complete the project. After a great deal of research we have decided against using any commercial sites for accepting donations as they take fees and we want to use all the money raised to finish the film. We also decided that a mix of methods would be best for donating. We are happy to take online money transfers, personal cheques (UK banks only), and PayPal. 

To use PayPal please use the email address  

To make a donation by another method please click on the “contact us” button,  or directly by email to, and let us know how you wish to donate. We will then contact you and let you know how to do this. 

Amount raised so far


Goal £6000

We are sorry this does mean you can’t make an instant donation unless you use PayPal, but feel this gives you more flexibility. It also guarantees your anonymity, something we care about a great deal.

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